World of flowers

Visitors can experience tens of thousands of magnificent lotus flowers that can grow up to six foot high. (SUPPLIED)

The beautiful Yarra Valley has many amazing attractions including one tropical treasure which is definitely worth a visit.

Each summer, the spectacular Blue Lotus Water Garden holds its annual floral event known as the Lotus Flower Season.

From Boxing Day until April the gardens open to the public providing visitors with the opportunity to experience tens of thousands of magnificent lotus flowers that can grow up to six foot high with blooms as big as a dinner plate.

The 14 acre tropically themed water garden contains an extensive network of trails, bridges and boardwalks that provide easy access to its many wonderful attractions including the amazing “Giants of the Amazon” exhibit.

The Victoria cruziana waterlily, commonly known as the “Giant Amazon Waterlily” produces massive leaves (lily pads) 1.5m in diameter (big enough to support the weight of a child).

There’s no need to travel halfway around the world to see the wonders of nature, you can see them right here in the Yarra Valley.

And the grounds of this very unique garden also contain an array of spectacular water features including lakes, ponds, waterfalls and flower fountains, all adding to the amazing vistas.

It’s definitely a photographer’s paradise with photo opportunities existing in every direction.

If you’re lucky, you may spot some of the wonderful birdlife that inhabits the gardens including parrots, honeyeaters, eagles and even the elusive Azure Kingfisher.

For visitors looking for that perfect picnic or BBQ experience, the gardens offer fantastic facilities including dozens of lakeside “Bali style” shelters, some with large park BBQs.

And for families with little ones, there’s playground equipment, activity sheets, goldfish feeding and even a fairy garden.

But if picnics are not your thing, the Lily Pond Café provides a great range of meals, drinks and snacks, perfectly located just inside the gardens.

A gourmet ice cream kiosk also operates on weekends and holidays, a great treat on a hot day.

The Blue Lotus Water Garden is open daily from 26 December to 10 April. Online tickets are recommended, to find out more please visit their website

Address: 2628 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction (look for the pink flags out the front).