A life-consuming passion

Beestings are a popular hit visitors drive hours to enjoy. PICTURES: SUPPLIED

Going to a bakery and buying baked goods is something people have done for hundreds of years.

For the Beechworth Bakery, baked goods are not just a means of making a living, it’s a life-consuming passion.

Kylie Bray, manager at the Beechworth Bakery Healesville, said good pastries and pies are something you never get bored with.

“Every time you breathe and smell that aroma, and when you eat it, it makes life a little better, even if it is only for ten minutes.”

The same could be said just about everything the bakery produces when you hear stories like the one about the Warnambool couple that drives to Healesville every year… to buy their special treat: four large beestings, and three small ones.

The small ones are for the long way back.

“Beesting is by far our biggest seller, people just love ‘em and we sell heaps and heaps of those every week,” Mrs Bray said.

“They come in and ask for a bumblebee, a stinging bee and stuff like that; we get lots of different names.”

The Snickerdoodle is another product name people seem to have difficulties with, even though they adore the product.

Tom O’Toole, the founder of Beechworth Bakery, came up with that name but many people simply refuse to say it.

“Some folks you cannot make them say it under any circumstance,” Mrs Bray said, with a smile on her face.

“They will just point to it and say nothing, no matter how hard you try.”

Another good old family favourite is the vanilla slice, which is also one of the bakery’s bestsellers.

“We probably sell 50 to 60 a day, and when you consider that this is only a little town, that is a lot; and when the buses come, we sell heaps more,” Mrs Bray said.

Now offering more all-day breakfast options than ever, Beechworth Bakery has become a very popular spot for leisurely mornings and lunching sessions.

And their large variety of delicious fresh and healthy offerings, like salads rolls, focaccias, wraps and sanwiches, also makes them the preferred destination for many people looking for healthier meal options.

Mrs Bray along with everyone else at the bakery is proud of the fact that all of their products are made by their people, with pride and care.

“We don’t do fancy things and people don’t come looking for them here because that’s not what we are about.

“Customers come to us for the family atmosphere, the reliably good & quick service, and the food that’s just the way they remember and like it.”