Fallen Tree Inspires Poet

Cameron Semmens with his poetry. 129233


A FALLEN tree has been turned into a work of art.
The massive tree that crushed Belgrave’s Micawber Tavern in August inspired Cameron Semmens to create a poetic piece on the stump.
The poem called A Truncated Apology detailed the battle between the forceful weather and the tree barely standing in the ground by its roots.
Mr Semmens said as he kept passing by, he thought how the tree would be a beautiful canvas for his poetry and to explore personification.
“I just thought, I wonder what that tree is thinking,” he said.
“It is a temporary artwork, since the stump has now been removed which is good,
Having lived in Selby for two years, Mr Semmens said the mountain ashes amaze him how they battle gravity.