On tranquil treasure trail

Marie Lumsden-Keys, left, with fellow volunteer Carolyn Vickers. 130805_01


Marie Lumsden-Keys is a volunteer at the Warburton Tourist Infromation Centres. She shares her best of the hills…
What’s the hills’ best hidden treasure?
The Aqueduct Trail.
What’s your ideal day out in the Yarra Ranges?
Breakfast at The COG Bike Cafe in Warburton, Hire a bicycle, ride along the Aqueduct Trail to Dee Road. Call into Strawberry Springs for some refreshing fruit, Ride into Millgrove for a coffee at The Bakery, head back into Warburton on the Rail Trail for a late lunch with a glass of local beer or wine at The Riverview Cafe. Wander up the Main Street taking in the eclectic shops, up the Great Steps of Warburton at the Waterwheel Visitor Centre to peruse the tasteful collection of local handmade gifts / souvenirs. Take in the murals at the old station depicting the history of Warburton.
Followed by a walk along the Yarra River and a snooze on the grassy riverbank. Maybe, find a local friendly Bed and Breakfast for a restful evening.
What are the top five must see attractions?
LaLa Falls, Rainforest Gallery, The Redwood Forest, The Great Steps of Warburton, The Aqueduct Trail.
What is the best place for a coffee and a quick bite? The Warburton Pantry.
Where’s the best location for a romantic dining experience? The Riverview Cafe and Wine Bar.
What do you love about living in Warburton? The Community Spirit.
How would you describe Warburton? The tranquil treasure of the Yarra Valley.