Through the colder months of the year Lake Mountain transforms into a snow-covered winter wonderland. But as the warmer weather kicks back in, the mountain offers a totally new experience; giving visitors the opportunity to escape to a cooler climate and take a walk through an amazing alpine environment.
After being ravaged by the 2009 wildfires, Lake Mountain allows tourists to experience another wonder, with the once severely burnt plateau being transformed by the natural phenomenon of regeneration.
As Lake Mountain environmental officer Sue Parry explained, from a blackened landscape to regrowth of all descriptions, Lake Mountain is well on the way to recovering.
“The first signs of life were the ferns which showed green shoots within weeks, but the real delight was the first spring as the snow melted and a carpet of tiny seedlings appeared,” Sue said.
“First it was the snow gums, then the alpine ash and finally the wattles which all appeared within a couple of months. Mixed in with them were a myriad of other seedlings and reshoots.
“Now eight years later, the spring and summer wildflower display is well worth a visit. Over 90 species have been identified since the fires so the recovery has been spectacular. No matter what time you visit over the spring and summer you will find something in flower to admire.”
Sue said Lake Mountain offered exceptional experiences for walkers and mountain bike riders alike, allowing each visitor the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique environment.
“For walkers, as well as the ski trails and the walk to Keppel’s Hut, the mountain also has a day walk from the resort over the summit, Snowy Hill and Mt Arnold, all the way to the entry station on the Marysville Road. A distance of 12km takes you from the sub-alpine environment, to alpine ash forest and pockets of rainforest; both of which survived the fires.
“The trail was built as a shared path for mountain bikes and walkers and is working well as such. It connects a number of pre-existing tracks, and the strategic firebreak constructed after 2009 to protect Melbourne’s water catchments in case of future fires.”
Lake Mountain will be offering guided wildflower walk on 20 and 27 November. For more information visit www.lakemountainresort.com.au or contact Sue at sue@lakemountainresort.com.au

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