By Effie Caloutas

The trail begins at Lilydale Railway Station and follows 40 kilometres of the historical railway line through the diverse landscapes and interesting townships along the Warburton Highway.
At various points along the way you’ll find yourself surrounded, or immersed in, vineyards, farm land and forests, with the magnificent mountain range that surrounds Warburton, always in the picture.
Along the way you cross restored bridges and meander past remnants of former station platforms.
Plan your trip to be on the trail on a Wednesday or Sunday and you have the opportunity to stop in at the original 1882 railway station now operating as the Upper Yarra Historical Museum.
The trail’s gradients are ideal for all fitness levels including families and there are well-defined sections that range from 2.5 kilometres, between Launching Place and Yarra Junction, to the longest stretch of 6.9 kilometres between Lilydale and Mount Evelyn.
For more information visit www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au, or contact Recreation and Active Living on 1300 368 333.

Plan your trip:
* Lilydale – Mount Evelyn 6.9km.
* Mount Evelyn – Wandin 5.6km.
* Wandin – Seville 4.1km.
* Seville – Killara 3.6km.
* Killara – Woori Yallock 4.4km.
* Woori Yallock – Launching Place 6.8km.
* Launching Place – Yarra Junction 2.4km.
* Yarra Junction – Millgrove 5.1km.
* Millgrove to Warburton 3.3.

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