Stunning Redwood Forest a sight to behold

The California Redwood trees tower above.

The perfect towering rows in Warburton’s Californian Redwood forest are stunning in autumn, as the fairytale-like woods provide a great opportunity for an afternoon in nature.

The trees themselves are truly spectacular, with around 1450 California Redwoods in the Yarra Ranges National Park which are able to reach up to 55 metres tall and at full maturity – around 400-years-old – they can reach 115m. The trees can live for over 2000 years and they are among the oldest living organisms on earth.

The location is serene and peaceful with the large trees and their canopy muffle the sounds of the outside world, providing a perfect spot for yoga, meditation or a picnic.

Warburton artist David Digapony also initiated a series of woven art projects from fallen limbs of the trees within the forest, which are now taking the form of huge circular creations that anyone can add to.

The walk through the forest is estimated to be 1.16km and are considered to be at an ‘easy’ walking level.

Dogs are not permitted, other than assistance dogs with a permit, and camping and bicycles are also prohibited.

Visitors can access the forest via Cement Creek Road, East Warburton.