Come and enjoy paradise

Paradise Valley Hotel has a long history in the region and remains a favourite restaurant among locals and visitors.

Located in Clematis, in between Belgrave and Emerald, Paradise Valley Hotel is the local pub with a community-focused heart and inner-city appeal.

With a modern touch to the classic Australian pub, it boasts a range of dining options from a friendly front bar, cozy bistro and bistro deck, and an expansive beer garden and outdoor deck, there’s a variety of dining options for any occasion.

After recently winning the Australian Hotel Association’s Award for Parma of the Year and the inclusion into 3AW’s Pub of the Year, it’s already a big year for Paradise Valley.

However, the Clematis pub comes from very humble beginnings.

Possessing a rich history, it is one of the oldest standing buildings in the area.

The beginning of Paradise Valley dates back to the first significant settlement of Clematis in 1882 when Michael O’Connor established his wine shop; Paradise Valley.

After the subdivision of Clematis (the township known as Paradise Valley at the time) in 1902, the town’s name was changed in 1921 due to confusion with a settlement of the same name in the Grampians. However, the name of the hotel continued to stay the same.

Operating initially as a wine hall and hotel, O’Connor’s landmark has stood tall watching over many decades of local travellers.

It was a communal hub for the locals in the 50s as they shared cold beverages on the outside veranda and entrance of the pub, not long after the landslide between Selby and Menzies Creek in 1953.

In 1975, PVH watched as the Belgrave-Gembrook road roundabout constructions were underway. The photos below also show the iconic sign on the top of the building that currently still stands today, with an updated logo of course.

2019 was the year that brings us to the Paradise Valley we know today, under operation from the team behind The Recreation in Fitzroy North, it was an interesting couple of years as the pub experienced something it was foreign to in its 137 years of standing, a national lockdown.

However, present-day brings the beer taps pouring and the food emerging from the kitchen for guests once again, with plans to extend their downstairs area with an extra kitchen and dining area later this summer.

The Paradise Valley Hotel continues to stand tall against the test of time, and with its happy locals and eager tourists returning regularly, it doesn’t look to go anywhere any time soon.