Perfect weather for waterfalls

Revells Falls at Maroondah Dam in Healesville. 258368_10 PICTURE: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Celeste Duthie

If you want to see a real waterfall, spring is the time to do so.

Lots of rain and cooler weather allows these natural water features to reach their full potential and amaze their audience.

Waterfalls are a lovely experience to share with friends and family and perfect for sightseeing before or after a delicious picnic.

Revells Falls is located just outside of Healesville in the Maroondah Reservoir Park.

This park boasts scenic gardens, a waterfront walking trail and barbeque facilities which are perfect for picnics.

The gentle but captivating falls are ideal to admire with all manner of company, whether it be a walk with a friend, or a family filled barbeque.

After visiting the waterfall, you can enjoy the walk along the top of Maroondah Dam wall which is a very exciting experience.

The park has toilets and an information shelter with some general knowledge on the dam and surrounding areas.

The La La Falls in Warburton is fantastic if you’re after a decent walk with a scenic reward.

This waterfall and walk has a round trip of 3.2km.

It’s described as having a formed track and short steep hills as well as some obstacles, which contribute to that sense of adventure.

Despite this it is still considered an easy route and takes roughly an hour and ten minutes to complete.

There is roadside parking for vehicles and a picnic table if you’re interested in having lunch outside.

Located a thirteen-minute drive out of Kinglake you will find the outstanding Masons Falls.

It’s a 2km round walk on a formed track which takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.

Enjoy the majestic views from a lookout platform and watch the water cascade down 90 metres into the gully below.

The track winds through almost topical looking bushland and it is not uncommon to spy a lyrebird or two darting across the path in front of you.

For such a short walk, it offers you plenty of exposure to the Australian flora and fauna.

Facilities include an undercover picnic area with free barbeques and public toilets as well as plenty of parking space.