Use your playful imagination in dragon’s nests

Explore dragon's nests along Neumann Track in Kallista. PICTURES: STEWART CHAMBERS 325356_05

For a family adventure on your trip to the Dandenong Ranges, Neumann Track in Kallista can provide a walking adventure as well as a touch of mystery and fun with ‘dragon’s nests’ for kids’ enjoyment.

Neuman Track is located off Grantulla Road, where you can use a car parking area and walk through a section of tall trees and ferns for about 400 metres until you reach a grass area.

You will find several nests made from tree branches at the grass area for you to enjoy; take pictures and allow your imagination to run free, with closed, open and cubby-style nests for you to explore.

Who made the tree branch havens. we don’t know, but only the better to spark your family’s creativity.

They number of nests and their shape may change on each visit.

The Neumann Track, Lyrebird Walk, Paddy and Coles Ridge loop can also take those wanting more of a physical challenge on a trip throughout the beautiful scenery Kallista and its surrounds has to offer in a 6.5-kilometre loop.

You should also keep an eye out for the elusive lyrebird, a wallaby or even kangaroo a kangaroo on your trek, with rich bird life also meaning you may spot – or hear – kookaburra, cockatoos and rosellas.