Staying in the Yarra Ranges

By Tyler Wright

There are multiple ways you can stay the night in the Yarra Ranges, from a traditional cottage to luxury retreats.

Whether you are travelling with family, a partner or on a solo venture, accommodation in the region will not disappoint.

With rich culture, history and hospitality, wherever you choose to stay will reflect your desire and fit the experience you wish to have.

Here are some of the accommodation categories on offer:


Bed & Breakfasts can be a more personal experience with the host looking after you while you stay. Afully cooked breakfast may be on offer too, but it is important to check the services each business offers. Bed & Breakfast owners may list their space online or other traveling websites like


Old world charm is something easy to come by at the area’s hotels, with some even classified with the National Trust. Hotels in the Yarra Ranges also offer great pub food, and are supportive of local sporting and school groups. Discover the local history by investigating hotels and motels in the region.


Camping can often be an accessible way to travel, with power, showers and toilets available at certain grounds. You can bring your caravan and park yourself in the idyllic landscape, while there’s plenty of space to set up your tent and enjoy the camp life.

Campgrounds include Upper Yarra Resevoir Park, Gilwell Park and Feiglin Campground among others.


From entire units to private lodges, the entire family can easily book an Airbnb through the company’s website, with hosts posting listings for visitors to instantly book.

You can live in a tram for a week or lounge in the treetops, there are plenty of choices for a fun retreat when travelling in a small group. Enjoy the comforts you have at home, by staying on a local property.

If you have certain requirements, such as a ‘dedicated workspace’ or ‘free parking,’ you can select these options prior to booking.


If you want the perks of being immersed in nature while also being comfortable and having all your needs catered too, a ‘tiny home’ stay may be down your alley.

Linen, bluetooth speakers, blankets for cold nights could be on the cards if you choose this option for your stay at one of these interesting bite size homes.

Also using less resources to run, tiny houses can minimise your environmental impact.