Get away to a garden

Just one of the many inspiring sites at the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens .

The spectacular gardens dotted throughout the Dandenong Ranges provide perfect venues to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends during Autumn, with the crimson tones bursting all around.

Here are some beautiful gardens which all have their own unique feel and atmosphere you can visit while on a trip to the hills.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens in Olinda

Formerly known as the The National Rhododendron Garden, the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens offers visitors the largest variety of pretty petals and features exclusive collections of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and other native and exotic trees.

Take a walk along the perfectly curated paths and discover the native plant and wildlife that visitors rave about. These gardens are stunning during autumn from late March through to May.

Pirianda Gardens in Olinda

Off the beaten track and overlooked by many visitors, Pirianda Gardens is a truly unique experience. Observe the vista views across Cardinia Reservoir as you make your way down the zigzagging walkway to discover the lower garden – a tranquil garden that really does have it all. You’ll be found gazing at the vibrant colour infusion of blooming flowers and moss, definitely one of those ‘ahhh’ moments.

Alfred Nicholas Gardens in Sherbrooke

For a calming walk, the tranquil Alfred Nicholas Gardens let visitors stroll down intertwining pathways under the canopy of towering Mountain Ash trees. Visitors can wander down the lake and enjoy a romantic picnic by the quaint boathouse. Each garden offers endless pathways for visitors to lost themselves for a day.

George Tindale Gardens in Sherbrooke

Walking distance from Alfred Nicholas Gardens, stroll over to George Tindale Memorial Gardens and discover the early settler, European-inspired garden. The garden features an enviable collection of rare and exotic plants and flowers. Escape the heat of the city and immerse yourself in the cool mountain air, relax as nature unfolds.