Maintain your wellbeing with nature

Monbulk local, Jeanette Tatton immersing herself in the environment of the Dandenong Ranges. PICTURES: SUPPLIED

By Tyler Wright

The lush natural environment of the Dandenong Ranges makes for a special escape while also providing the perfect opportunity to look after your health and wellbeing.

A change of environment can improve your mental health, with leisurely walks by waterfalls, bush walks and hikes just a part of the Ranges’ makeup.

But the all-consuming forests you will come across also offer a chance to re-charge, re-group and remind yourself of your capabilities, while getting your endorphins running at full force.

Studies have also shown that being in nature can generate positive emotions, and being connected to the environment can also reduce poor mental health such as depression and anxiety.

Here are some examples of how you can keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health intact on your trip to the Dandenong Ranges.


A pleasant stroll in Autumn is always a delightful way to explore nature in the Dandenong Ranges as well as looking after your wellbeing.

The red and gold colour of the deciduous trees at Silvan Reservoir Park will have you transported to an oasis. Landscaped picnic areas provide the opportunity to rest and recharge by enjoying a warm drink and admiring the Eucalypt forest.

The Pirianda Gardens on Hacketts Road in Olinda is known for its Autumn hues and tree collection, including 28 different types of maples and 13 birch varieties.

Emerald Lake Park is another spot with walking tracks such as the Kurth Kiln ship rock falls to clear your head and reconnect with the environment.


Channeling your inner yogi and pausing to meditate in the Dandenong Ranges can provide a boost to your wellbeing while on holidays.

Yoga instructor Corinne Newman said a change of scenery is conducive to mental health.

“Sometimes as humans, stepping outside of our routine, and setting off whatever rat wheel we’re on, and just taking a moment for ourselves is the best gift that we can give ourselves,” she said.

And visitors to the Dandenong Ranges will be able to feel the impact of the environment during their stay, allowing them to be in a clear mental space and enjoy new things on their trip.

Local parks with offer a peaceful place for visitors to reflect, meditate and practice yoga by soaking in what nature has to offer .


Pilates instructor Jeanette Titton runs ‘Pilates in the Park’ in Monbulk which allows you to connect to the environment while looking after your health and wellbeing.

“Just being outside is so great for your mental health. It just refreshes everything. So adding movement while being outside is magic,” Ms Titton said.

Pilates is a good option for many people with classes that cater to all different levels of expertise, helping to improve your inner strength while holidaying in the Ranges.