The ’go-to’ for great fun

Monbulk Bowling Club. Colleen and Harrison. 170662_02 Picture: ROB CAREW

With so many people finding fewer hours in an ever-increasing busy day, the Monbulk Bowling Club Bistro remains as the ‘go-to’ for great fun, exceptional food, award-winning customer service and outstanding community support.

And as general manager Denise Rutzou explained, the Monbulk Bowling Club is the venue to relax, catch up with friends and family and unwind from the pace of the day.

“The Monbulk Bowling Club Bistro is a respected and recognised food and beverage leader, winning the Customer Excellence Award for hospitality for the last four years,” Denise said.

Management at the club have a simple aim – for everyone who walks through the doors to have a wonderful encounter and an enjoyable outing, with the experienced staff proudly focused on customer service.

“There’s an exciting new menu about to be launched, with the head chef bringing his well-travelled global expertise and training to the Monbulk dining experience,” Denise said.

“And Friday night you can get your boogie on! Dance or sing away with outstanding live and local entertainment as the club supports artists from around the region.”

The Monbulk Bowling Club engages, promotes and supports the local community in many different, and sometimes discreet, ways.

It has generously handed out thousands of dollars in community grants for a host of local sporting and neighbourhood projects, and in a forward-thinking move, has just installed a new generator. So now, when the lights go out, the club will still be there for all its customers!

And don’t forget, for some real fun, get the crew to the club for a ‘barefoot bowling’ session, corporate bowls, social bowls or hard-edged competition where everyone can get involved.

The Monbulk Bowling Club Bistro is an award winning, vibrant community hub located at 11 Moores Road, Monbulk. For more information visit or phone 9756 6183.