Treats with rustic appeal

Renee and Matt welcome you to Rustic Cafe. PICTURES: STEWART CHAMBERS

Rustic Cafe has become the quintessential community cafe in Belgrave since it opened last year.

Customers are on a first name basis, with regulars and new visitors enjoying a chef designed brunch menu catering to all dietary needs.

Traditional homemade treats that remind you of bygone days are on offer, while everybody’s dog also enjoys a special surprise from Renee the barista.

Amazing locally roasted coffee rounds out the selection at Rustic Cafe according to owner and chef Matthew Collins.

“I remember when going for brunch meant great food, coffee and company down at your local haunt and you knew everybody there. Since the.pandemic, a lot of places have lost that feeling so Rustic is bringing it to the community,” he said.

With Matt’s extensive experience in designing and cooking menus, he constantly updates the menu to keep it seasonal.

There are monthly specials to keep the community interested and this adds to exposing the amazing produce available in the surrounding area.

Rustic prides itself on baking its own scrumptious sweets, treats, pies and sausage rolls – a dying art in a world becoming more convenient.

With offerings on some of the best food on the mountain, Rustic uses Symmetry house blend coffee to make the perfect cup of coffee to marry so well and create the best brunch possible.

Weekends are a buzz with people at Rustic and the children can come and ask Matt specifically how they want their breakfast.

It sure is a warming environment as people swap chairs to chat with others and Babi Desi, the Belgrave Wizard, tells the little ones of bygone days, which is evident that Rustic has established itself as the community cafe of Belgrave.

You can find Rustic Cafe at 1652 Burwood highway Belgrave.

Opening hours are from 8am – 3pm Tuesday – Sunday.